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Enjoy our top-tier courts and facilities with a convenient basic monthly subscription. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, the RA Racket Club offers great courts with a vibrant community to elevate your game. Become a member and take your tennis experience to the next level.

Why Join?

If you love playing tennis, you'll love the RA Racket Club

The RA Racket Club offers you access to our tennis court facilities with nearly no limits. RA Racket Club members pay a total basic monthly subscription of €42 (€8.82 IVA included) and can book their courts online at any time*.

Tennis Club members may also bring up to three additional guests (non-members) for a fixed price of €9 per hour session. Regardless of whether you want to play singles or doubles the price does not change.

*Additional terms and conditions apply

Inscription Fee


one-time registration fee
(regardless of package)

Individual Membership


total monthly subscription fee
(single individual)

Yearly: €404 (20% discount)

Family Membership


total monthly subscription fee for families
(2 Adults + 2 children)

Yearly: €759 (20% discount)

Club Membership Summarized


Maximum 1 court per day & 1.5 hours per session.


Bookings can be done here with your unique code. Courts are subject to availability.


Cancellations can be done up to 24 hours in advance. No show/cancellations within 24hrs are subject to €9 fee.


Upon arrival, show your booking confirmation at the reception prior to playing.

Club Benefits

Together we work hard, we play hard, we relax, we indulge, and we have fun. Members at the RA Racket Club enjoy a range of benefits.


(subject to terms & conditions)


(Up to 3 people per session)

10% Off
10% Off
10% Off
20% off
- RA Racket Club -

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Club Membership

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We provide clear and concise guidelines to address common inquiries and ensure a smooth experience for all RA Racket Club members.

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Yes. In order to become a RA Racket Club member you need to register for an account first. The inscription fee for new members and returning members is €35. The monthly basic subscription fee is €42 (IVA included).

Once activated you can begin the process of booking a court online at anytime – subject to availability and our terms and conditions.

RA Club Members are required to book their courts online using their registered account. Utilize your unique code at check out to book your court at zero cost.

RA Club members can book courts at no cost – absolutely free.

Payment is only due if you invite a non-member (guest) to play with you. The cost is €9 regardless if one, two or three guests are playing with you.

Simply add the number of guests during the check-out process.

RA Club members have fixed term contracts that run on a three month basis. You may cancel the contract at any time through your account, however, will need to pay to the end of your three month term.

Individual: Payments can be done monthly (€42) or quarterly (€126) – IVA is already included.

Families: Payments can be done monthly (€79) or quarterly (€237) – IVA is already included.

Yes. Yearly payments are also possible. Please get in touch with staff regarding yearly payments.

Individual: €404 (20% discount)

Families: €759 (20% discount)

Absolutely no worries.

You can sign up on any day and our system will prorate the remaining amount. In other words, you only pay for the days left in this month.

Starting on the 1st of the following month, you’ll pay the standard club price.

All forms of digital payments are accepted as indicated under the payment section. Payment is 100% secure and encrypted. We do not store any payment information.

SportEasy App

After approval of your membership application (within 24hours), you’ll not only receive your unique booking code to book courts free at anytime, you’ll also receive an invite to our Academy & Club App which allows you to connect, communicate and get the latest events and information of the RA Tennis Academy & Club – absolutely free. Available for Android and iOS.